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Reaffirm and Develop

the role and function of culture and technological and scientific research for the solution of difficult and complex problems created by the development of the countries of the Mediterranean Sea


scientific cooperation among the Mediterranean Universities, using the experience and resources of each University while respecting the differences and the features of the different nationalities

Set up

permanent links between the CMU and the economics, industrial and local Institutions and among the above universities through the reciprocal exchange of scientific and cultural experience

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The first article of the Statute of Community of Mediterranean Universities (CMU) states:  “The CMU, upholding the freedom of science and in order to contribute to peace”.

These above mentioned aims are still the main concern for CMU.

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To re-establish and develop the role and function of culture and of scientific and technological research
as a means of stimulating growth in the Mediterranean countries.
The ultimate aim, apart from that of favouring progress in science, is to inspire closer relationships
among the peoples of the Mediterranean basin and their civil and social development

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